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The Limitations of Searching

However much time is spent conducting searches it is for a number of reasons impossible to be completely sure that every relevant item has been found. First the databases are sometimes incomplete. In addition, the classification schemes can be difficult to interpret and mistakes are sometimes made in classifying documents and in searching the correct [...]

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Some industries are governed by a small number of dominant organisations. In such industries it can be particularly important to watch the patent filings and the progress of the applications of particular competitors in order to compete effectively with them. This type of watch can be conducted routinely and reported on a regular basis. It [...]

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Keyword Searching on the Internet

It is possible to search patent collections, at the following sites: US Patent Office European Patent Office

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Subject matter searching

It is sometimes useful to determine the direction of development of a particular technology, or to know which competitors are most actively filing patent applications in a chosen technical field. These searches are now able to be conducted on-line at reasonable cost, and the results can be reported periodically.

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Patentability searching

In order to be patentable an invention must be new and inventive. The Patent Offices around the world conduct searches, mainly of earlier patents, as part of their examination procedure. If they find relevant earlier documents they cite these against patent applications in order to argue that they should be refused, either on the ground [...]

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Infringement searching

Before launching a new product in Australia it is prudent to ensure it will not infringe an earlier patent. An infringement search is perhaps the most difficult type of search to conduct. The methodology associated with infringement searching is fundamentally different from other searches, as the focus of the search is primarily on the claims. [...]

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Patent Searching

Patents provide a vast resource of technical information which can be searched for a variety of reasons. Examples include checking that a new product does not infringe an earlier patent, determining whether an invention is new and patentable, and watching developments in a particular class of technology or a competitor’s activities. It is now also [...]

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